About this site

This is the web site for the Pugh Family of Culpeper, Virginia. Here a few general rules about how this site is organized, and a few quick links to some of the more important features.

Quick access to stored files.
If you’re looking for a specific files, and I have it mounted up here, this is the first place you should look.

Blog Categories
Like any site that runs on WordPress, this one follows a blog structure. I may have added a few special features here and there, but at the end of the day, it’s a blog. As such, blog posts are the meat and potatoes. The categories I use are:

  • Family. These are about the goings on of our little clan, and may sometimes drift into topics of family history and genealogy. The subtopic Ap Hugh Clan deals strictly with the Pugh side of the family. Additional subtopics may appear as needed.
  • A.C. Gilbert Erector. I used to maintain a separate blog called “Time to Bolt,” and it focused on this classic building toy. For technical reasons I had to pull that one down, but I have restored all of the articles from that blog, and they appear under this heading.
  • Politics. My old blog, which was called ‘Peppers,’ had several rants of a political nature, and some of them have been restored in this category. Any further polemics of a political nature will appear this way. Be warned, however. My political thought process tends to be very warped, and I go into tirades easily.
  • Technology. I’m in the information science field, and I periodically tinker with technology. Sometimes I have information or words I want to share, and they will appear here.
  • Gaming. I enjoy a variety of computer games, and occasionally I have something to say or share on the matter.
  • Religion.I tend to keep my religious opinions to myself, because I tend to start fights. But occasionally I talk about spiritual matters.
  • Librarianship. Sometimes my job follows me home. Many of you can probably understand that.
  • Gardening. I like to experiment with gardening, especially using the Square Foot Garden method. Check out this heading for my misadventures in this area.
  • Pandemonium. This one is a little tricky. I periodically comment, or rant, on topics about contemporary culture and society. These polemics will appear under this heading. If I work up the nerve to post them. As for why I call this category “Pandemonium,” well, that is a story in itself.
  • Outer Space. I’m a spacer. I believe that the future of humanity will involve the development of outer space, in one form or another.
  • Puppetry. Puppetry is one of my hobbies, so I periodically post or share information about this fun, furry hobby.
  • Depression. I am a long time sufferer of this disorder, and the complications it creates. Sometimes I talk about it here, in the hope that my words may help other patients. I can understand if casual readers decide to skip these.
  • General. Last but not least, any quick reference or general information I have to share will show up here.

I will be trying very hard to not use the catch-all heading of “Uncategorized,” that comes with WordPress. As a former librarian, using such a term just rubs me the wrong way. If any articles turn up in this heading, it’s probably because I haven’t chosen a category for it. At the very least, I will use a subject heading (from either the Library of Congress or Sears taxonomies) as a tag. Such tags can be hooked by the internal search engine.

Also, the tags on the various articles use a “controlled vocabulary” approach, using Library of Congress subject and authority headings. Entering such terms in the search window may also help you find what you’re looking for.

Some habits are hard to break.

One thing I need to point out is that I have put some restrictions on comments for much of this site. I did this because my previous blogs were constantly being hit by spam-bots, to the point where they ceased to function correctly. Posting a comment is possible, but you may have to jump through a hoop or two. If the comment function appears on your browser, great! I’ve just made it difficult for robots to get in, and in so doing, I’ve sadly blocked out a lot of others.

If you want to comment on an article that isn’t allowing comments (older ones mostly), they can be sent to me via personal email. To do that, send an email to:

RJPugh at cyberbard dot net

Naturally, that’s not the exact text of my email address, but I’m sure you can guess what that is. Also, please mention the article you are commenting on, so my scattered brain can go back and see what you’re talking about.

I suspect I will be adding more to this document as time moves along.

Giving credit where due: