Job Hunting Resources

Job Hunting Resources for Librarians and Information Scientists.

Job hunting. We all hate it, but everyone has to do it at least once! The resources listed below are targeted for (but not restricted to) people in the library and information science fields. I actually made this page for my own use many years back. I’ve since found out that other people found it and have occasionally used it. So, I have continued to maintain it.

Trade publications and professional organizations

Placement services and resource lists

Some of these are more useful than others. Let the searcher beware.

Other useful resources:

This list always needs updating, and I’m sure there are some gems out there that I don’t know about. If you know of a job hunting resource that should be on this list, then please send an email to my address:

rjpugh at cyberbard dot net

…and I will look into it. Thanks!