Derek and Leslie


Back in October, we took a short trip to Charleston, West Virginia, to attend the wedding of my cousin Derek and his fiance, Leslie Edwards. This short trip was both a family reunion, and a nice foliage trip, as the West Virginia mountains were wearing their fall colors.

The wedding itself was on October 24.

The wedding party, under the park pavilion.
Photo by Richard Pugh

From left to right: Michael, James, Jeanne, Connor, William, Caitlin, and Lisa.
Photo by Richard Pugh

Derek and Leslie, after the ceremony.
Photo by James Pugh


Linda, Michael, and Caitlin, and the reception.
Photos by Richard Pugh

Photo by Richard Pugh

Photo by James Pugh

Derek and his mom, Linda.
Photo by James Pugh

Photo by James Pugh

Photo by Emily Ferguson Photography

During the reception, cousin Josh performed his fire dance. Yes, he actually knows how to do a Tahitian fire dance! That’s a funny story for another time.

The next morning, before we all scattered to our various corners of the world, we got together for breakfast at a local restaurant. Pugh’s and O’Connors from all over the East coast!

Front row, left to right: Connor, William, Me, Michael, Caitlin, Jennifer, and Carlton.

Back row, left to right: Gretta, Tom, Jeanne, James, Lisa, Chip, Josh, Muri, and Linda.

Photo produced by Jennifer O’Connor

And that concluded an enjoyable, but all-too-short, family reunion.