Happy birthday, Caitlin!


On Saturday, February 7, 2015, my daughter Caitlin turned nine years old.

Two days old.

She was born on a cold morning in Takoma Park, Maryland, at Washington Adventist Hospital. She has always been an easy-going, high energy girl, and she tends to light up whatever room she enters. She is sort of a celebrity in the extended family, because she was the first Pugh girl born in over thirty years. There is a running joke within the family the Pugh men “don’t throw girls.” Generally the Pugh line is very male-heavy, so there may be something to that.

I broke with tradition.

Lady Loki costume


Caitlin’s interests include Tai Kwon Do,

building toys,

Girl Scouts…

and just having fun!

Being in the third grade, she has had some exposure to the less savory aspects of growing up. I suspect she’ll have some rough patches, but I know she’ll manage.