Twelve Doctors of Christmas

tardis_by_homemadezombieFlashback time! This was first posted in 2014, and is being re-posted in keeping with the holiday season.

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Doctor gave to me:

  • Twelve guitar solos,
  • Eleven bow ties,
  • Ten cans of hair gel,
  • Nine leather jackets,
  • Eight pairs of shoes,
  • Seven hook umbrellas,
  • Six crazy coats,
  • Five cricket balls,
  • _479268_tom_baker Four long scarfs,
  • Three opera capes,
  • Two wood recorders,
  • And a lecture on courtesy!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And a Happy New year!

The images featured are linked in from sites all over the place!

Happy birthday, Lisa!


December 2 was Lisa’s birthday, but her celebratory dinner was on December 6. After doing some Christmas shopping, we all had dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, the Red Lobster in Fredericksburg, Virginia

As for her actual birthday, we had a small celebration on that evening, too. The evening included:

This year has been a crazy one! There was that car accident, and my mom’s passing. But there was also some amazing travel, and some great times with the kids!

Let’s see what the next one brings!