Plestiodon fasciatus


Another interesting creature sighted at my workplace on Mt. Pony! This image was taken on the afternoon of July 6, 2015. This is a five lined skink, one of the more common North American lizards. These little guys favor uneven, rocky terrain, because it provides a variety of hiding places, and easy access to sunning spots. They prey on worms, small insects, and other invertebrates.

They are famous for their ability to drop all or part of their tail when threatened. They are prey animals for a variety of mammal and bird species, so this trick comes in handy. While the detached tail thrashes about, a predator is momentarily confused as to which moving object is the actual menu item. More often than not, during this brief confusion, the skink is able to run and hide.

How’s that for turning tail and running?

There is some debate on the taxonomy of this creature’s name. Many sources call it eumeces fasciatus, while others call it plestiodon fasciatus. I’ll let the herpetologists settle that one.

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